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Pre Construction

Successful projects begin by involving the right people in discussions right from the start. That's a key distinction of Speedwell Construction - we listen carefully to the needs of our clients, and we ensure that their needs are met.

Our pre-construction phase allows us to lay a solid foundation for commercial projects from the builder's perspective. This results in efficient project completion, while minimizing conflicts and unexpected problems that can cost time and money down the road.

We believe the time and effort we put into the pre construction phase always pays big dividends, laying the groundwork for a successful project, delivered on time and on budget.

Our pre construction phase includes:

  • Site Analysis
  • Space Planning & Layout
  • Building Analysis
  • Code Analysis
  • Conceptual Budget Analysis
  • Preliminary Planning
  • Value Engineering

For more information about our pre construction process, or to get started on a future project, contact Speedwell Construction today!